MTZ Pack V1.0 FS17

– At the MTZ-80/82 you can put a heater on the hood, put protective mesh on the glass and lights, paint the various parts of the tractor in different colors.

– On the MTZ-510/512, you can install a roof and a story on it (it slightly shakes in the wind), as well as a mask can be hung on the hood, paint the different parts of the tractor in different colors.

– On all tractors in front you can put: a tow loop, a counterweight bracket (without it the counterweight will not hang), install the front linkage.

– You can install / remove the front fenders.

– On all tractors there are different types of wheels (from conventional, to semi-track).

– MTZ-82/82 has 3 variants of the engine, each has its own distinctive sound.

– MTZ-510/512 has a choice of four engines (by the engines that are on 80/82 there is a D-244 engine, for 57 hp)

– When changing the engine, its visual part (both the engine and the hood under the turbine) is changing.

– If you put the front loader on the tractor, the headlights will move into the hood (the heater on the hood will also be dressed accordingly)

– In the fashion open the door, hatch, rear window (with all the accompanying animations and sound).

-If the game is raining, the janitor is listless, but confidently waving back and forth.

– When the engine is running, everything is spinning, spinning and vibrating.

The rest of the functionality you can see after the release of the mod.

Author: Bear Farm, Pro3D36


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