HTZ 16331 XT3 V1.0.0.1 FS17

The mod is LOG FREE !!


Light, turn signal, brake light, work light

Speedometer u. Fittings lighting, indicators etc.

animated amaturen

animated front hydraulics available in the shop

animated rear hydraulics

smoked exhaust flap

animated cardan shafts, universal joints in the axle, fan from the engine, air filter can etc.

Arail rail fades out when attachments are connected

2 engine versions (180 hp, 240 hp) selectable in the shop

5 wheel versions available in the shop (standard, wide tires, twin tires, wheel weights front, wheel weights all around)

integrated front weight

Trailerattacher front

Old Used Texture

Power: 180 hp u. 240 hp

Top speed: 31 km / h

Motor data (power) adjusted

Other standard functions / features of FS17


I wish you a lot of fun with the mod.

MfG Coyote

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Dima29-303, Kiryukha, Mad Dog, Coyote, MelMax


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