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KamAZ 5460 Restayling [1.3.3]


Version: [1.3.3]

WARNING! First install the mod KAMAZ 5460 Restayling!
Instructions for installing:
1. Unzip the mod.
2. Run Mod Installer by Daeman and select the file “install”.
3. Install the mod.
4. Start the Custom Mission Activator by —Max— and select the file “run”.
5. Select options as you wish and click “Apply”.
6. Choose the first mission in career and click “start”.

DOWNLOAD Trailers_for_KAMAZ_5460.rar – 25.9 MB

DOWNLOAD Mod Installer by Daeman CCD_Mod_Installer_by_Daeman_v.1.3.3.rar – 538 KB